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We believe in Safety



Aaron Well Servicing Ltd. is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and ensuring that environmental standards are met.  All aspects of our business are managed in a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible manner in accordance with the principles set forth in this policy.  We believe these actions benefit our customers, employees and the public, both now and for the future.

Every person employed by us has the right to a job that is safe to do.  Every person employed by Aaron Well Servicing Ltd. has a responsibility to work safely and to promote safe work practices.  Our Health and Safety Program contributes to optimum employee morale and job satisfaction, because the employees at our company are encouraged to participate in identifying health and safety hazards and developing safe work procedures.


Health and Safety Responsibilities

Every Manager is committed and accountable to maintain the standards that are required to meet regulatory and company requirements. These standards apply to the condition of the workplace and equipment, endorsement and support of Accident Prevention Programs, Establishing accident prevention objectives, and ensuring that all employees have a clear perception of what is expected from them.  Management is also committed to work in a spirit of consultation and cooperation with the workers.

Every supervisor is accountable for ensuring that all workers are properly trained to do his or her job safely. Each supervisor will enforce the observation of all regulations and work procedures and will correct any failure to comply with safe work practices.

Every worker is required to participate in the Health and Safety Program by identifying hazards, correcting hazards or reporting unsafe conditions to the supervisor. Workers are required to know all Regulations applicable to them, and to observe them. Workers are expected to report and point out unsafe behavior.

All contractors, subcontractors and others who may do work with, and for Aaron Well Servicing Ltd. are responsible for obeying all rules, following recommended safe work procedures, wearing required personal protective equipment, participating in all safety training programs, and informing supervisors of unsafe work conditions.

Everyone has the right and responsibility to refuse work when unsafe conditions exist.

Employees, contractors and subcontractors who knowingly violate health and safety rules may face disciplinary action. All persons affiliated and associated with Aaron Well Servicing Ltd. who does not fulfill their health and safety responsibilities will be accountable for their actions or inaction's.

Working safely is a condition of employment.

Health and safety is an integral part of this organization's every day business. It is in the best interest of all to join together and put into practice health and safety principles in all work activities.

Health & Safety Administrator

Terra Hartley Ortman


office: 306-842-5121

cell: 306-861-8235

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